FN3416-110-35 SCHAFFNER

型号: FN3416-110-35

Initially, consider that there is no voltage applied to the Gate terminal, at this stage the IGBT will be in a non-conductive state. Now if we increase the applied gate voltage, due to the capacitance effect on the SiO2 layer the negative ions will get accumulated on the upper side of the layer and the positive ions will get accumulated on the lower side of the SiO2 layer. This will cause the insertion of negative charge carriers in the p region,  higher the applied voltage VG greater the insertion of negatively charged carriers. This will lead to a formation of the channel between the J2 junction which allows the flow of current from collector to emitter. The flow of current is represented as the current path in the picture, when the applied Gate voltage VG increases the amount of current flow from the collector to the emitter also increases.The IGBT is classified as two types based on the n+ buffer layer, the IGBTs that are having the n+ buffer layer is called the Punch through IGBT (PT-IGBT), the IGBTs that does not have an n+ buffer layer are called the Non-Punch Through- IGBT (NPT- IGBT).

 FN3416-110-35 SCHAFFNER

Based on their characteristics the NPT- IGBT, and PT-IGBT are named as symmetrical and nonsymmetrical IGBTs. The symmetrical IGBTs are the ones that have equal forward and reverse breakdown voltage. The asymmetric IGBTs are the ones that have a reverse breakdown voltage less than the forward breakdown voltage. The symmetrical IGBTs are mostly used in AC circuits, whereas the asymmetrical IGBTs are mostly used in DC circuits because they don’t need to support voltage in the reverse direction.The collector of the PNP transistor is connected to the NPN transistor through a JFET, the JFET connects the collector of the PNP transistor and the base of the PNP transistor. These transistors are arranged in a way to form a parasitic thyristor set up to create a negative feedback loop. The Resistor RB is placed to short the base and emitter terminals of the NPN transistor to ensure that the thyristor doesn’t latch-up which leads to the latch-up of the IGBT. The JFET used here will signify the structure of current between any two IGBT cells and allows the MOSFET and supports most of the voltage.


*0 1:不配变送器

0 2:配变送器(注明订货代号,参见XCBSQ 系列订货指南)

综合举例:订货代号为“TD-2-03-01”的产品是指行程为0~50mm、不配置相应变送器的TD-2 系列膨胀传感器。BT-50 expansion sensor


FN3416-110-35 SCHAFFNER
BT-50 * * expansion sensor is a sensor designed for the steam turbine industry to measure the expansion displacement of steam turbine units. It uses an intermediate frequency displacement sensor (LVDT) as the sensing element. The LVDT has a probe rod connected to the machine. When the casing expands, the feeler rod moves in the LVDT and the reference LVDT signal changes. After demodulation, the signal is output to the monitor for display and alarm.

The BT-50 * * expansion sensor is powered by 15-24VDC and outputs DC voltage signal. It has the characteristics of good remote transmission linearity, strong anti-interference ability, good reliability, and continuous use.


It is applicable to expansion measurement and protection of steam turbine cylinder.

FN3416-110-35 SCHAFFNER

technical parameter

Linear range: 0~50mm

Non linearity: no - 20 greater than 0.5% FS

Working temperature: - 20 ℃~75 ℃

Power supply: 15VDC~24VDC

Output signal: ± 5.8~± 10V

Ambient humidity: no more than 95% (non condensing).

Environmental vibration: no more than 2.3g

Working mode: continuous

Executive standard: refer to JJG 644-2003

BT-50 expansion sensor

FN3416-110-35 SCHAFFNER

TD-2 series expansion sensors are used to measure the expansion of steam turbine units for the steam turbine industry

The sensor designed for displacement has local and remote indication. The local indication has a large field of vision

The intermediate frequency displacement sensor is used as the sensing element; Good linearity of remote indication, strong anti-interference

Simple structure, not easy to damage, good reliability, can be used continuously, and the output is constant current. Already a victim

It is selected by large and medium-sized steam turbine manufacturers, and it can also be used in other displacement occasions for precise stroke measurement.

Transmitter or secondary digital instrument can be selected when the product leaves the factory, which shall be explained when ordering.


It is applicable to expansion measurement and protection of steam turbine cylinder.

Parameter index

▼ Linear range: 0 ~ 25mm; 0~35mm; 0~50mm; 0~80mm four gears are optional.

▼ Linearity: no more than 0.5% F · S.

▼ TD-2 series should use the transmitter produced by our factory to ensure the accuracy of the sensor.

▼ Working temperature of transmitter: - 5 ° C ~ + 45 ° C.

▼ Sensor working temperature: ≤ 100 ℃.

▼ Ambient humidity: ≤ 95%.

▼ Environmental vibration: ≤ 2.3g.

▼ Working mode: continuous.

Order guide

Ordering code: TD-2-A □□□ - B □□

Sensor travel selection: A □□

0 1:0~25mm *0 2:0~35mm

0 3:0~50mm 0 4:0~80mm

Matching transmitter selection: B □□

* 0 1: No transmitter

0 2: equipped with transmitter (indicate ordering code, see XCBSQ series ordering guide)

Comprehensive example: products with ordering code of "TD-2-03-01" refer to TD-2 series expansion sensors with a stroke of 0~50mm and without corresponding transmitters.

ABB提供工业机器人、工厂自动化和过程自动化、运动控制等领域的创新产品和数字化解决方案,并融合物联网、大数据、云计算、人工智能等进技术,帮助工业用户提高产品质量、生产效率和运营效率,同时降低能耗和减少排放,加速向自动化、智能化、数字化转型升级,全面提升自身的竞争优势。其中Tmax XT塑壳断路器采用双重绝缘结构,具有超强的抗机械震动和抗电磁效应;AF接触器拥有宽电压、低功耗,分合式开关等优势,可在电压不稳定电路中稳定、持续运行,能帮助中微公司减少80%的消耗ABB自动化喷涂机器人系统中,ABB Ability™互联雾化器能够将上漆率提高10%左右,降低能耗25%,并实现更好的雾化效果和提升喷涂质量。不仅如此,100多台ABB高效电机还配套在小鹏汽车涂装生产线的风机设备上,帮助提升整体设备运行效率,降低总运营成本。ABB Ability™ Genix将工业分析技术和人工智能的强大力量结合在一起,跨职能领域整合了25个工程、运营和信息技术系统,消除了运营、业务和工程系统的隔阂,通过进的分析方法收集和关联数据,然后将其转换为有意义的信息,从而提高业务决策的质量来改善生产力。ABB将智能传感器部署在关键生产线中,对车间50多台重点电机进行持续监测,帮助客户实现电机工作状态的远程监测,在电机故障之前发现问题并解决问题,降低非计划性停机的概率,提升产线运行效率,保障产能。

早在2016年,ABB就推出了应用于低压电机的智能传感器,它可以降低近70%电机故障停工时间,延长30%使用期限,同时减少近10%的能耗,通过状态监测解决方案将数以万计的低压电机转变成智能、互联的机器ABB贝加莱为新马压片机提供了自动化解决方案,采用贝加莱的Panel PC 3100,它可以同时运行Windows和实时任务,其支持OPC UA的数据连接能力。另外,贝加莱的应用软件,包括mappAudit提供制药行业所需的审计追踪功能,满足FDA 21CFR Part 11电子数据认证、mappPackML提供制药工厂MES系统之间的生产数据连接,如OEE、品质、生产状态参数。mappUser、mappRecipe提供用户及配方管理,这使得机器具有强大的数据功能,融入药厂的数字化管理。ABB Ability™ MOM的数字化集控平台为客户提供生产运营数据的可视化,赋能数据决策。该系统将分散在厂区各地的控制系统、安全系统、融合通讯系统、人员定位系统、视频监控系统等集成到分离于生产作业区之外的集中控制区(中心控制室)进行集中监控和管理,帮助客户大幅提高运营和管理效率,提升安全生产水平。聚焦ABB Ability™数字化技术及应用,全面展示智慧能源、智能制造、智能交通与智慧城市四大领域的创新成果,其中包括多种领的智能制造解决方案,例如GoFa™ CRB 15000焊接工作站、IRB 920T 高速物料分拣工作站在内的工业机器人解决方案,丰富的高效电机和变频器产品,以及面向过程工业、能源工业的电气和自动化解决方案。The DeltaV SQ controllers provides communication and
control functions and integrate field devices and the other
nodes on the control network. The SX and SQ controllers
provide a choice to match the controller capacity to the
requirements of the process. They also provide new ease
of use features that eliminate mounting screws and accelerate
cabinet assembly.
Control strategies and system configurations created on
earlier DeltaV systems can be used with this controller.
The SQ controller provides all the features and functions
of the M-series controllers including support for CHARM
based Electronic Marshalling.
The control languages executed in the controllers are
described in the control software product data sheet.Scalable controllers. The SQ controller complements the
SX controller by providing a smaller controller platform at
a reduced price for those small to moderate applications:
„ Speed. The SQ controller supports all the features you’ve
come to expect from the DeltaV system: self-addressing,
automatic I/O detection. All these features are designed
to make your projects execute faster — just plug and play!
„ Redundant Architecture. The SQ controller supports
1:1 redundancy for increased availability. Redundant SQ
controllers can be upgraded to SX controllers online — robust!
„ Late Changes. You can easily upgrade an SQ controller
to an SX to handle project scope changes late in the
project. Simply replace the SQ with the SX and all existing
configuration, documentation and hardware design remain
the same — forgivingControl modules are automatically scheduled by the controller,
based on their assigned scan rates. This allows each control
function to be optimized based on the process dynamics.
Modules scan times can be set as fast as 100 ms, and as slow
as 60 seconds. The number of control modules that can be
assigned to a controller depends on the complexity and scan
rate of each module, and the available CPU and memory.
The SQ controller should be used for small to medium
applications with a maximum of 750 individual I/O signals.
The SQ controller is designed for harsh environments and
is rated for G3 corrosive environments, with an operating
temperature range from -40 to 70°C. It is ideally suited for
remote installation, close to the process equipment. For more
traditional installations with central marshalling cabinets,
CHARM I/O Cards can be mounted in standard I/O cabinets
providing Electronic Marshalling. CHARM I/O Cards can also
be used for highly distributed I/O applications.除了传统的I/O卡,本地总线还支持


Profibus DP、DeviceNet和AS-i协议。I/O子系统












在特定应用中,CHARM I/O信号的数量





无线HART I/O卡(WIOC)提供冗余



无线HART I/O卡可以与一个控制器通信,

每个提供多达100个信号。The first firmware version for the PTQ-PDPMV1 that supported HSBY was version 1.15.  That version and successive versions up until version 1.25 could support only one (1) PTQ-PDPMV1 module per HSBY CPU chassis.  Starting with version 1.25 and later, you can have up to four (4) PTQ-PDPMV1 modules per HSBY chassis.

Due to the way the Modicon Quantum HSBY system works, you will need to have the same number of PTQ-PDPMV1 modules in each chassis with each HSBY CPU.  In other words, if you put four (4) in one chassis, you must also have four (4) in the other chassis.  This is required because the PTQ-PDPMV1 modules can talk only to the CPU in the chassis in which they are installed.  They cannot talk to a CPU in another chassis, even if it is the primary CPU.支持HSBY的PTQ-PDPMV1的一个固件版本是1.15版。该版本以及1.25版之前的后续版本只能支持每个HSBY CPU机箱一(1)个PTQ-PPDPMV1模块。从1.25版及更高版本开始,每个HSBY机箱多可以有四(4)个PTQ-PDPMV1模块。

由于Modicon Quantum HSBY系统的工作方式,您需要在每个具有HSBY CPU的机箱中具有相同数量的PTQ-PDPMV1模块。换言之,如果您在一个机箱中放置四(4)个,那么在另一个机箱内也必须有四个。这是必需的,因为PTQ-PDPMV1模块只能与安装它们的机箱中的CPU通信。即使是主CPU,它们也无法与另一机箱中的CPU通信。The ProSoft ProTalkQ PTQ-PDPMV1 PROFIBUS Master solution is supplied with a comDTM driver that allows it to be used with any PROFIBUS device management software that uses comDTM technology.  Examples of such software are PACTware and Endress+Hauser Field Care.


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