型号: MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UG1-NNNN

是一款用于 SCXI 的USB 数据采集模块(DAQ)。该模块是用于 SCXI 数字 I/O、开关、模拟输入和模拟输出模块的全功能控制和数据模块。它的采样率为 200 kS/s。用户可以将SCXI-1600安装在仪器信号调理扩展 (SCXI) 机箱中,并为安装在机箱中的所有其他模块提供时钟、校准和外部数字触发连接。使用此模块,用户可以将任何 SCXI 机箱转变为强大可靠的即插即用数据采集系统。MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UG1-NNNN数字交流伺服电机起到的作用

NI SCXI 1600接收来自其他模块的模拟信号,并通过USB端口数字化、放大和传输数据。它是容易配置和校准的设备之一,因为它没有跳线、电位计或 DIP 开关。通过将它连接到其他 SCXI 模块,该模块可以从 RTD、热电偶、应变计、电流源和电压采集多达 352 个模拟信号。

NI SCXI 1600兼容 USB,支持供电或热插入 USB 端口。对于与时间相关的功能,该数据采集模块使用了一个强大的系统定时控制器,称为 National Instruments DAQ-STC。MSK040C-0600-NN-M1-UG1-NNNN数字交流伺服电机起到的作用
为了控制模拟输入,DAQ-STC 由三个时序组组成。该模块在前面板上配备了四个 LED。有一组绿色 LED 用于监控机箱的 V+ 和 V– 导轨。另外两个 LED 显示SCXI-1600 数据采集模块的活动和就绪状态。为了进行校准,该模块的前面板上还提供了一个专用的 BNC 连接器。
NI 设备使用 NIDAQmx 驱动软件运行,该软件与软件包/应用程序开发环境(如 LabVIEW、LabWIndows/CVI 或 Measurement Studio)兼容。建议预热时间为 30 分钟,并且每年至少应进行一次外部校准。NI 设备的物理尺寸为 7.2 x 6.8 x 1.2 英寸。National Instruments SCXI-1349 屏蔽电缆适配器
SCXI -1349(部件号:182671-01)专为将 SCXI 系统连接到数据采集设备而创建。SCXI -1349 电缆适配器将 68 针 E 系列 DAQ 设备(不含 61XXE 型号)连接到 SCXI 模块(SCXI 开关模块除外)。该型号具有三个连接器。首先,在前面板上,有一个 68 针公连接器。接下来,在印刷电路板上,有一个 50 针公分线连接器。后,在适配器的背面,有一个 50 针支架安装母连接器。

美国国家仪器 SCXI-1349需要使用几件物品:一台计算机、一个 68 针 E 系列 DAQ 设备、一个 SCXI-1000、SCXI-1001 或 SCXI-1000DC 机箱、至少一个 SCXI 模块(不是 SCXI 开关模块)、一个小型一字螺丝刀、安装指南和NI SCXI-1349屏蔽电缆组件,它由电缆适配器和 68 针屏蔽电缆组成。SCXI -1349可与 1 m 或 2 m SH68-68-EP 屏蔽电缆一起使用,将 E 系列设备连接到 SCXI 机箱。其他选项是使用 0.5 m 或 1 m SHC68-68-EP 电缆或 1 m PSHR68-68 电缆将 DAQCard 连接到 SCXI 机箱。SCXI -1349 的大工作电压为 30 Vrms、42 Vpk 或 60 VDC(信号 + 共模)。

用户必须确保每个信号连接都绝缘到NI SCXI 1349可能遇到的大电压。超过National Instruments SCXI-1349 电缆适配器大信号额定值的接地电源信号和其他连接可能会导致电击或火灾危险。这也会对连接到 SCXI 机箱、计算机或 SCX 设备的电路板造成损害。

NI 设备的推荐工作温度范围为 0 至 50 °C,存储温度范围为 –20 至 70 °C,非冷凝相对湿度范围为 10 至 90%。它的设计符合电气测量和测试设备的 IEC 61010-1、UL 3111-1 和 CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1。National Instruments SCXI-1346 多机箱电缆适配器
Is a USB data acquisition module (DAQ) for SCXI. This module is a fully functional control and data module for SCXI digital I/O, switching, analog input, and analog output modules. Its sampling rate is 200 kS/s. Users can install the SCXI-1600 in an instrument signal conditioning extension (SCXI) chassis and provide clock, calibration, and external digital trigger connections for all other modules installed in the chassis. Using this module, users can transform any SCXI chassis into a powerful and reliable Plug and Play data collection system.

The NI SCXI 1600 receives analog signals from other modules and digitizes, amplifies, and transmits data through a USB port. It is one of the easiest devices to configure and calibrate because it does not have jumpers, potentiometers, or DIP switches. By connecting it to other SCXI modules, the module can collect up to 352 analog signals from RTDs, thermocouples, strain gauges, current sources, and voltages.

The NI SCXI 1600 is USB compatible and supports power or hot plug in USB ports. For time related functions, the data acquisition module uses a powerful system timing controller called National Instruments DAQ-STC.

To control analog inputs, the DAQ-STC consists of three timing groups. The module is equipped with four LEDs on the front panel. There is a set of green LEDs for monitoring the V+and V – rails of the chassis. The other two LEDs display the active and ready status of the SCXI-1600 data collection module. For calibration purposes, a dedicated BNC connector is also provided on the front panel of the module.

NI devices run using NIDAQmx driver software that is compatible with software packages/application development environments such as LabVIEW, LabWIndows/CVI, or Measurement Studio. The recommended warm-up time is 30 minutes, and external calibration should be performed at least once a year. The physical dimensions of the NI device are 7.2 x 6.8 x 1.2 inches. National Instruments SCXI-1349 Shielded Cable Adapter

SCXI - 1349 (Part Number: 182671-01) was created specifically to connect an SCXI system to a data collection device. The SCXI - 1349 cable adapter connects a 68 pin E series DAQ device (excluding the 61XXE model) to an SCXI module (excluding the SCXI switch module). This model has three connectors. First, on the front panel, there is a 68 pin male connector. Next, on the printed circuit board, there is a 50-pin centimeter connector. Finally, on the back of the adapter, there is a 50 pin bracket to mount the female connector.

The US National Instrument SCXI-1349 requires several items: a computer, a 68-pin E-series DAQ device, an SCXI-1000, SCXI-1001, or SCXI-1000DC chassis, at least one SCXI module (not an SCXI switch module), a small slotted screwdriver, installation instructions, and NI SCXI-1349 shielded cable assembly, which consists of a cable adapter and a 68-pin shielded cable. The SCXI 1349 can be used with 1 m or 2 m SH68-68-EP shielded cables to connect E series devices to the SCXI chassis. The other option is to connect the DAQCard to the SCXI chassis using a 0.5 m or 1 m SHC68-68-EP cable or a 1 m PSHR68-68 cable. The maximum operating voltage of the SCXI 1349 is 30 Vrms, 42 Vpk, or 60 VDC (signal+common mode).

The user must ensure that each signal connection is insulated to the maximum voltage that the NI SCXI 1349 may encounter. Grounding power signals and other connections that exceed the maximum signal rating of the National Instruments SCXI-1349 cable adapter can cause a risk of electric shock or fire. This can also cause damage to circuit boards connected to an SCXI chassis, computer, or SCX device.

The recommended operating temperature range for NI devices is 0 to 50 ° C, storage temperature range is – 20 to 70 ° C, and non condensing relative humidity range is 10 to 90%. Its design complies with IEC 61010-1, UL 3111-1, and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1 for electrical measurement and test equipment. National Instruments SCXI-1346 Multi Chassis Cable Adapter



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